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Marriage & Memorial Celebrant

Annette Mary Moody JP, Dip.AET


Please allow me to introduce myself:

I, Annette Mary Moody am caring, insightful, sincere. I enjoy an excellent rapport with people, children and small animals. Although raised a Catholic, all religions and spiritual beliefs are respected by me. There is inspiration to be had from dogma. My work experience includes employment consultancy, CV presentation, office management, and tutoring. I hold both a National L5 Certificate and a National NZQA L5 Diploma in Adult Education & Training.

I was first appointed as an Independent Community Services Marriage & Memorial Celebrant in 2006. I love this work. From May 2007, I chose to be a volunteer Justice of the Peace.

My interests include theatre, books, movies, music, story writing, and people.    

My community involvement has/does include all roles in community theatre, a St John's caring caller, ESoL home tutoring, teacher's helper, youth mentoring, time as a voluntary hospital chaplain's assistant, input with the Auckland City Council networking group/s, and on-going voluntary Justice of the Peace work.

To remain a Registered Celebrant we must apply for renewal each year. This is partly based on the needs of the geographical area, and the number of marriages celebrated within that year. Therefore, I thank you for your continued interest and support. I love this work, I love the joy that making a marriage brings, and I am proud and honoured to assist with the empathic closure of a memorial service or celebration of a loved one’s life.

Email: AskAnnette96@gmail.com

Cell: 0275 643 225

Annette Mary Moody is located in Auckland, New Zealand


A wedding celebrates a marriage or union between two souls!


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